How It Works

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At JUST GO DRY we use a five step method of cleaning on each and every job we take on.  Since starting in 2006 we continually refine our methods and products, so that we can give you, our customer, the highest quality cleaning and fastest drying time in the carpet care industry!

We begin each job by sweeping all areas of loose debris and dirt with our powerful HOST® machines.  Each machine has two counter-rotating brushes that lift loose materials from deep down in the carpet fibers up to the surface to be vacuumed away.

Next, stubborn stains are given individual attention with our arsenal of powerful, yet environmentally safe cleaning solutions.  Gum, tar, soda, coffee, makeup, etc. are no match for our products.

Depending on the severity of soiling of the carpet fibers, areas are then lightly pre-treated with one of our pre-treatment solutions.  Our pre-treatments help loosen the oil bond that allows dirt and other chemicals to bind to your carpet fibers.  At JUST GO DRY we use about one quart of pre-treatment solution per 100 sq. ft., unlike wet cleaners that use approximately 40 – 50 gallons of water per cleaning.

We then apply our soft, organic, natural cleaning sponges that are moistened with water, detergents and safe solvents.  Our machines brush these sponges through the carpet fibers further breaking down oils, dirts and residue.  Just as sponges in your kitchen holds on to dirt, the sponges hang on to the dissolved dirt and oil.

Finally, we vacuum up the dirty sponges while the brushes lift the carpet fibers leaving your carpets looking clean, fresh, dry and ready for immediate use!


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