Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Knowledge about the potential benefits and possible problems of air duct cleaning is limited. Since conditions in every home are different, it is impossible to generalize about whether or not air duct cleaning in your home would be beneficial.

Just Go Dry can perform an inspection on your duct system and let you know if you are in need of a cleaning or not.

Do My Air Ducts Need Cleaning? 

• 1 in 6 homes have poor IAQ (indoor air quality)
• 50% of illness is related to poor indoor IAQ*
• Do you suffer from allergies or asthma?
• Are you cleaning or dusting frequently?
• Did you recently replace furnace or remodel your home?
• Are your clothes taking too long to Dry?
• Do you have a musty smell when your system starts?

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above… then you need to call Just Go Dry now and set up a consultation.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

• Improved IAQ throughout your home or office.
• Maximize the efficiency and life of your heating and cooling system
• Removal of mold and mildew spores and other pollutants
• Breathe Easier & Breathe Healthier